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ACHIEVE: Child Pathway Project

The ACHIEVE Alliance research team undertook a large piece of work to evaluate and improve the delivery of services for children with common neurodevelopmental disorders.

The pathway was accompanied by a series of tools designed for use within practice to support effective implementation.  A major output of this work was the development of the ACHIEVE Assessment. The assessment consists of a set of two questionnaires; one to be completed by the child’s parent and the other by education staff. The questionnaires, developed in collaboration with therapists, international experts, education colleagues and parents, are in paper format and incorporate a series of rating scale questions. The ACHIEVE Assessment is designed to be a flexible and time efficient tool for gathering comprehensive information about participation in home, school and community settings, important contributory factors for participation, and environmental factors. The assessment is ideally used prior to a therapist’s initial contact with the child.

The ACHIEVE Assessment Manual contains:

  • the conceptual basis for the ACHIEVE Assessment;
  • detailed instructions and examples of how to use the assessment in practice;
  • a section on setting goals based on the assessment;
  • assessment, goal setting and report templates, suitable for photocopying.

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